7 Fox Baby Shower Games Pack

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A fun package of 7 baby shower games that you can download instantly and print yourself! And two of the games (Find the Guest and Who knows Daddy Best) have editable text that you can personalize to your hearts delight or print as is!

7 games included are:

♥ Animal Gestations
Your guests will have fun time guessing how long each animal is pregnant and might be surprised at a few of the answers!
♥ Baby Name Race  
As soon as the host yells "Go!" Guests will write as fast as they can names for each letter of the alphabet. First person to fill in all A-Z wins! Who knows, the mama-to-be may be inspired by one of the names!
♥ Find the Guest - *Editable File
This is a great game to play at a Baby Shower to encourage your guests to mix and mingle! Guests will have fun getting to know each other as they try to fill in all the answers. The person with the most answers wins.  Print the game cards as is, or customize the text in Adobe Reader (a free program) with whatever questions you would like!
♥ Nursery Rhymes    
Your guests will have fun testing their knowledge of old nursery rhymes by filling in the blanks of a few. The person with the most correct answers wins!
♥ Predictions & Wishes for Baby  
This is a fun activity to send the new little baby some love and fun for the mama-to-be to see who was closest to predicting about the baby's arrival!
♥ What's on your Phone
Guests will have a great time looking through their phone to see how many items they can check off. Whoever has the most points wins!
♥ Who Knows Daddy Best - *Editable File                                  
This is a great game to spotlight the daddy-to-be and help guests get to know him better as they answer as many questions about him as they can. Person with the most correct wins! Print the game cards as is, or customize the text in Adobe Reader (a free program) with whatever questions you would like!

W H A T ⋆ Y O U ' L L ⋆ R E C E I V E

1 ZIP file (10 PDF files)
- Game Cards - each game card is 5"x7" inches (2 per 8.5"x11" page)

- Answer Key (for Animal Gestations and Nursery Rhymes)

- Helpful instructions for editing (Find the Guest and Who knows Daddy Best) 

**This listing is for a digital file ONLY. Which means no physical product will be shipped to you.

O R D E R ⋆ P R O C E S S

1. Purchase the listing.

2. Once payment is complete, your files will be sent to you via email. Files are not recommended to be saved/opened with Tablets, Smartphones, iPads or iPhones. Please note that your files may come in a zip format. On a Mac double click on the zip file and it will open your files. On a PC computer right click on the zip file and go to ”extract all”.

3. FOR EDITING THE TWO GAMES (just skip this step if you want to print as is): You will NEED ADOBE READER to customize the cards. You can download the program for free by putting this link into your browser -> https://get.adobe.com/reader/

After you open the guestbook in Adobe Reader, click on the blue highlighted sections and simply type over the sample text with what you would like and save the changes.

*For MAC users, you will need to open files directly from Adobe Reader and NOT Preview.

4. Print, cut and enjoy! Print as many copies as you need. I recommend printing on white card stock that is 8.5 x 11 inches. You can print them at home or use a printing service. The printed colors may vary from the photos depending on your printer's quality and settings.

T E R M S ⋆ O F ⋆ U S E

This file is for PERSONAL use only. You may not copy, reproduce, share, or transfer any of the files or graphics to a third-party. Ownership and copyright over all designs and graphics contained in the files are property of AspenJay.com.

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